Wedding Package


What we can do:

  • Meet with you to get to know you and your pet and discuss details of your special day.
  • Transport your pet to and from your wedding ceremony and or photo session.
  • Dress your pet if requested.
  • Supervise and care for your pet throughout your ceremony.
  • Accompany your pet to your wedding photos if desired.
  • Assist with your pet’s role in the wedding .
  • Provide walks, potty breaks, feeding and water.
  • Bag and dispose of all pet waste.
  • Feed them dinner on drop off, if requested.
  • We can also look after your pup for the night in the comfort of our own house.


OUR RATES  (taxes included)

The rate is $95 an hour and begins at the time we pick up your pet and ends when we drop them off at your desired location.
Discount available for Blue Ribbon graduates.

The first meeting with you and your pet is at no additional charge. (Maximum 30 min at our training centre in Dorval).

Deposit: 50% of the calculated cost must be received no later than 30 days before your wedding day. The deposit is non-refundable. An active credit card is required to charge the balance owing on the day of the wedding.

Overnight boarding is available for the nights before and/or after the wedding. Cost is $35 per night

A seatbelt harness is required for your pet’s safety. We offer these at a very affordable price should you not have one.

Please contact us for a personalized quote to best suit your needs.