Meet Our Pack

Meet Our Pack

Blue Ribbon Canine Centre is owned and operated by Lise Hargrave

Lise Hargrave has trained dogs and taught obedience and other dog sports classes for over 20 years. First in Pierrefonds and Sorel and now at her own centre in Dorval. Training at Blue Ribbon also includes Agility, Competition Obedience, Rally-O, Nose Games, Freestyle and Tricks classes.

Lise continues to attend numerous training camps, seminars and lectures covering all facets of dog training and behavior as well as pet nutrition and health.

Lise is an avid student of all that is dog-related and incorporates this knowledge and enthusiasm in her daily interactions with handlers and dogs. Her extensive experience allows her to be creative in problem solving and to incorporate the latest in current training techniques in her classes.

She is currently loved by her Boxer Storm, Chieftain’s Stormy Weather.

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