Blue Ribbon is my training school! Jennifer with Montana

My three Shelties love to train at Blue Ribbon!
Harriet with Whiskey, Brandy & Ember

I get lots of compliments on my Boxer's wonderful manners and it's all thanks to Lise at Blue Ribbon! Karen & Knuckles

I have two well behaved dogs thanks to the help of Blue Ribbon. Lise is always looking for new fun ways to help keep our dogs motivated!
Kathy with Angus & Maya


Next training session begins May 20th, 2017

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Blue Ribbon Canine Centre
 is an innovative dog training school offering the most current obedience training techniques for your special companion. In training, we motivate dogs through food and play. Dog training becomes a fun team activity for handler and dog! Our main goal is a happy and reliable pet who is a joy to live with.

At Blue Ribbon Canine Centre we want to help from the very first day with your dog!

Come see us, we can help!!

We offer

  • Instructors with extensive experience & education in animal behavior & learning
  • The latest and most successful techniques in dog training
  • One on one attention for your dog
  • Personalized service

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